Benefits of Cycling


Have you ever thought of joining the cycling family? Well, the benefits of cycling can be of great impact to your health. If you are thinking of biking, and taking it up against other possible activities, then feel at home. This article will explore some of the benefits that comes with cycling. There are awful good reasons to choose cycling as an activity to spend your leisure time. These are some of the reasons why cycling is considered beneficial.

Cycling Lead to an Improved Mental Well Being

some benefits of cycling laid outExercising can boost your mood in so many ways. The body releases the hormones; adrenalin and endorphins which helps maximize blood glucose levels. Cycling combines physical fitness with being in an open door environment and discovering new views. You can decide to bike alone and give yourself sometime to process  your fears and anxieties or you can join a group which can expand your social circle.

Cycling as an Activity to reduce weight

One of the simple equations while reducing weight is, the calories being burnt must surpass the calories being taken in. For you to reduce weight, your body must burn more energy than you eat. Cycling helps burn between 400kj to 1000kj an hour, depending on factors like rider’s intensity and weight. The time spent burning calories can be influenced by how much you enjoy your favorite activity. So, assuming you love cycling the calories will be burnt  at a greater extent and this means you will lose weight.

Cycling as a muscle building tool

Cycling does not just burn fat; it also helps in building muscles. It helps strengthen the muscles around the quads, glutes, calves, and hamstrings.  Muscles are leaner compared to fat and people who have high percentage of muscle tend to burn more calories with little or no activity. Don’t get it twisted. If you need quads similar to a track sprinter, you need to   invest much time at the squat rack. Nevertheless you will have a well-developed toned derriere.

Cycling lowers the risk of heart diseases and cancer

Cycling increases your heart beat therefore; it helps the blood to be pumped around the body faster. This burns calorie limiting your chances of becoming obese and overweight. Cycling is among the selected forms of workout that is endorsed by the National Health Service (NHS) as a healthy way to reduce the risk of heart related illnesses and cancer.

A research conducted by the university of Glasgow, shows that, 260,000 individuals were studied over a period of five years. It was found that cycling to work can lower a rider’s risk of developing cancer or heart disease in half.

There can be many types of accidents while riding. Check out here to find some of these and how to avoid them.

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