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For people who always enjoy cycling, taking it a notch higher by doing longer roads can appear to be an exciting hobby. Whether you are in a competition or going for a ride with friends, this is a hobby which is easy to start.  Nevertheless, cycling is a sport which can be enjoyed by all type of people regardless of age or physical capability. Surprisingly is not limited to sports and hobbies, it can also be used as a mean of transport which can be an excellent way to move around town.

 Bike Competitions

If you are planning to compete in racing and you are so green in cycling, you need to have a starting point. The tips on this section will get you going. For you to complete a biking race successfully, you need to be physically fit and of a good shape. A good number of biking competitions requires a rider to ride for two or more hours hence it is important for him/her to be in good shape and health.

Another aspect of bike competitions is your road crew that follows you in a vehicle with all your equipment and change of tires. Sometimes theres mishaps with the crew vehicles in these high profile races, so its important to have a towing services number handy. If you’re in San Francisco we have personally used Auto Towing, and they helped us with a flat tire during the race when a bike spoke had ruptured our crews car. This was a tough race between Davis California and San Francisco California.

Cycling with friends through a forest


Also, a rider needs to take a lot of time training for him/her to take the race into a competitive level. You can opt to join a group rides to train for bike races. There are various options for group rides offering various levels. For instance, you can join a beginner group with a leader to help you learn and perfect riding skills. An experienced racer gives the learner an amazing learning environment and also acts as a mentor to the concerned individual.

Besides, watching professionals bike racers is an incredible way to familiarize yourself with the competition. Following on the commentators is another way which will help learn the tactics and the skills involved.

Take long cycling rides

Generally, you like riding your bike all the time, making two to three miles a day. For you to take long rides, you need something like a cyclometer which will keep up your riding. Before you begin riding, you should have a map on your designated route with a car. Take a note on landmarks every three to five miles, until you reach twenty-five miles. The landmarks should be stopovers for water or some snacks. However, you should stop at a landmark for not more than ten minutes.

After reaching your first landmark, you should assess yourself if you will keep going or turn back. Ideally, increase your distance after five days of training. You should be ready to reach a goal of fifty miles or so per week.

If you’re interested in the health benefits of cycling, check out our post on this topic.

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