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Announcing Le Tour de Fritter

- Eric Senter

To celebrate the end of March Madness and get a jump on reducing the calorie deficit incurred this month, I am sponsoring an epic stage race to selected bakeries in Yolo and Solano Counties. The first annual Tour de Fritter, a grueling one-day, four-stage race, will be held next Wednesday, March 31 (Cesar Chavez Day, a state holiday). After each stage, riders will be required to consume at least one deep-fried pastry of their choice, though time bonuses will be awarded for eating fritters. The exception is Stage 4, where riders may choose to drink a litre of beer in lieu of eating a fritter. Riders refusing to eat a whole pastry or drink a litre of beer will be relegated or disqualified. Continue reading ‘Announcing Le Tour de Fritter’

Tour de Cluck

Davis Farm to School is hosting a “Tour de Cluck: Our community bicycle chicken coop crawl” for May is Bike Month. They’ve been taking applications for chicken coop owners around the city that want to share their coop with the community. There will be a self guided tour on May 22nd to various coops that are connected to the Davis Bike Loop. At each coop their will be someone there to give you the lowdown on the chickens, the feed, the clucking and the pecking. Before the crawl starts there will be the greatest chicken event Davis has ever seen at the Farmer’s marker, including a chicken bike parade, fowl food and Chicken Art. Tickets will be available April 5th at several locations. Check out the Davis Farm to School website for more information.

Tour de Citron coming up soon

For those of you who haven’t toured before, here’s the deal, a big ol’ group of fruit friendly folks get on their bicycles and ride all around Davis picking fruit from residents who have donated their trees to be gleaned. Bring your friends, sweethearts, kids, ladders, and fruit pickers. We’re betting we can beat our record of 1200 lbs picked in one day! Continue reading ‘Tour de Citron coming up soon’

March Bicycle Madness: motivation to ride, ride, ride

By Russell Reagan

This column was originally published in the Davis Enterprise on Feb. 16, 2009, while the Tour of California was in progress and Davis had just hosted Stage 1.

Russell Reagan riding Hwy. 128 near Lake Berryessa in March 2008

Russell Reagan riding Hwy. 128 near Lake Berryessa in March 2008

As we watch the Tour of California, we in Davis know that bicycling is for everyone who is able-bodied, not just the athletes. But it takes motivation to ride.

A bicyclist I met who had ridden many 200-mile rides once described how on some days she found it hard to motivate herself to get on her bike just to ride across Davis for an errand. We may recognize the many health benefits of bicycling, not to mention the benefits for the planet. Yet even for the athletically inclined, sometimes that’s still not sufficient motivation to get on our bikes.

Encouragement is an important element in the Bike Plan of the City of Davis and other communities. In the broader challenge of switching to more sustainable transportation modes, activities of groups like the Davis Bike Club have a role to play in encouraging more people to get on their bikes. (DBC is a different group from Davis Bicycles!, the two-year-old advocacy group that organizes this column.) Continue reading ‘March Bicycle Madness: motivation to ride, ride, ride’