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Third Street Improvements Project Coming Along Nicely

In my opinion, Brian Abbanat is doing a fantastic job with the Third Street Improvements Project. There has been a survey and two community workshops where the community ideas have really been taken into account. I wish all planning processes around the city were this organized and inclusive. We may get to finally see some new innovated street design in Davis. Right now there is a second survey where you can rank each of the four design posibilities and man do they look cool. Here is an example of one:

The bicycle and pedestrian only design from the second survey.

I encourage everyone to take the short survey and vote on the designs. There are some great ideas for making this area much more livable and safe.

Commuting to campus: bikes and more

Published in the Davis Enterprise, Friday, Feb. 12, 2010

By Kristin Lovejoy

Kristin Lovejoy, a UC Davis graduate student who administered the Campus Travel Survey for the past two years, shows off a crowded bicycle rack in front of Wickson Hall on Wednesday afternoon. Lovejoy’s typical commute to campus is a bike-train-bike combination. Photo credit: Wayne Tilcock, Davis Enterprise

The identity of Davis as a bike town — and indeed the experience of biking here — is inseparable from UC Davis as a bike-oriented university. The bike movement in Davis started with university leadership back in the 1950s, and today students and employees at the university clearly make up most of the cyclists about town.

But as a bike university, how is UC Davis doing?

Answering this question is one of the motivations behind an annual survey conducted by the university each fall. Continue reading ‘Commuting to campus: bikes and more’