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March Bicycle Madness Limericks

- John Whitehead

The Davis Bike Club gets a little crazy during the month of March. As if competing for the most miles cycled in a month is not enough (a few people have exceeded 4,000 miles each in past years), there is a tradition of posting poetry on the club’s email list.  Below is a recent limerick, inspired by the annual pancake breakfast at the West Plainfield fire station, 6 miles from Davis.  This rural volunteer fire department hosts a rest stop at mile 190 of the Davis Double Century, and is also a beneficiary of the DBC philanthropy department.  For March Bicycle Madness riders, the breakfast is an excuse to start riding early on the first Sunday in March.

Eating pancakes, surrounded by voices
Discussing more rides – many choices
Out of five Sunday spins
The smoothest one wins
It’s better than driving Rolls Royces

March Bicycle Madness: motivation to ride, ride, ride

By Russell Reagan

This column was originally published in the Davis Enterprise on Feb. 16, 2009, while the Tour of California was in progress and Davis had just hosted Stage 1.

Russell Reagan riding Hwy. 128 near Lake Berryessa in March 2008

Russell Reagan riding Hwy. 128 near Lake Berryessa in March 2008

As we watch the Tour of California, we in Davis know that bicycling is for everyone who is able-bodied, not just the athletes. But it takes motivation to ride.

A bicyclist I met who had ridden many 200-mile rides once described how on some days she found it hard to motivate herself to get on her bike just to ride across Davis for an errand. We may recognize the many health benefits of bicycling, not to mention the benefits for the planet. Yet even for the athletically inclined, sometimes that’s still not sufficient motivation to get on our bikes.

Encouragement is an important element in the Bike Plan of the City of Davis and other communities. In the broader challenge of switching to more sustainable transportation modes, activities of groups like the Davis Bike Club have a role to play in encouraging more people to get on their bikes. (DBC is a different group from Davis Bicycles!, the two-year-old advocacy group that organizes this column.) Continue reading ‘March Bicycle Madness: motivation to ride, ride, ride’