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Harrisonburg to Davis: Lessons Learned, Common Interests

Lara Mack and Tom Benevento (photo by Aaron Johnston)

By: Lara Mack and Tom Benevento

Note: From March 4-7 of 2010 a delegation of seven from Harrisonburg, Virginia — including the town’s mayor, bike/pedestrian coordinator, planning commission member, a bike shop owner and two community bicycle activists – visited Davis to learn about our bicycle friendly city by studying our infrastructure and culture.  The following is a reflection by the two community bike advocates who made the trip. Davis Bicycles! was the lead organizer on our end, but many across the community from the City to the Davis Bike Collective (Bike Forth), in particular, were highly involved. – Robb Davis

On behalf of the Harrisonburg, Virginia delegation and its citizens we wish to thank Davis, California for welcoming us into your city.  We are most grateful to the efforts of Davis Bicycles! for its careful coordination of our visit to learn about your amazing bicycle friendly city. We are also grateful to the many people and organizations who shared their knowledge and experience with us including Mayor Pro Tem Don Saylor and city staff, especially Tara Goddard, the Davis Police department, teachers and parents of the Safe Routes to School program, the Bike Forth bike collective, Village Harvest, Bicycle Hall of Fame, and Pepper Peddlers. Continue reading ‘Harrisonburg to Davis: Lessons Learned, Common Interests’

Learn to Ride

Steve Jo, having taken a fall from his fixie in the livingroom

I can't recommend learning how to ride (or riding) a bike in a living room.

I learned how to ride a bike using training wheels. When the training wheels came off, down I went, and this cycle repeated until I somehow managed to stay upright. Looking back on the experience, it is a testament to the resilience of children, and my stubbornness, that I ever rode a bike again.

Last summer a friend in her 20′s mentioned that she had never learned how to ride a bike, and living in a bike-centric area, would like to learn. Since she was clearly too tall to learn on a bike with training wheels, and I wanted her to enjoy riding a bike, I set off to find some alternative teaching method. What I found makes perfect sense, but is apparently not very widely known. Continue reading ‘Learn to Ride’