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Are Unitrans buses more aggressive than they used to be?

On a winter Tuesday morning in mid-January in severe (blustery and rainy) weather conditions I was riding my bicycle on the UCD campus in a chain of other bicycles westbound on Hutchison Dr just east of the Main Library bus stop. A stopped bus on the H line put on their left turn signal, started up, and began and continued to pull into the westbound traffic lane, forcing me and another adjacent cyclist into the oncoming, very traffic-filled eastbound lane. For several seconds (5-8) we were directly beside the bus, probably 2/3 of the way to the front, and the bus slowly but insistently essentially forced us out of the lane. The driver seemed to think that all they needed to do was signal their intentions and that it was our obligation to stop and/or get out of the way. Afterwards I looked behind me and observed that the bus could have waited 3-5 more seconds and had a clear lane to pull into. Continue reading ‘Are Unitrans buses more aggressive than they used to be?’