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The bike accident in my family

Fran Keller, the author, hugs her daughter, Rachael, who was hit by a car while riding her bike to school. Rachael sustained a concussion, but recovered.

By Fran Keller

Published in the Davis Enterprise on Fri., March 26, 2010

My daughter Rachael, a Da Vinci High School junior, was hit by a car while riding her bike to school in January. It sounds abnormal. How, in Davis, could someone hit a child riding a bike? At a bike light, too? My children have ridden their bikes to school since the fourth grade. Sometimes they ride with others and sometimes they ride alone.

I have driven my kids to school. Yes, I have gritted my teeth en route to Holmes Junior High and secretly yelled in my head, as I turn onto Drexel from J Street, “What are you doing? Oh my goodness, get out of the road, don’t you see the stop sign? Where is your helmet?” Continue reading ‘The bike accident in my family’

Bringing the Bike Back!

As I have gotten more involved in my UC Davis Transportation masters program, I have been thinking more and more about how biking has been declining in mode share (specifically related to Davis) over the years. While the establishment of Unitrans may have helped this trend, certainly a lack of consistent investment in bike infrastructure, external commuting, and cultural shifts (see “[intlink id="6" type="post"]Earbud Citation: Is it necessary?[/intlink]”) have not been positive contributors. In 2008, I put together a campaign piece called the “Three Point Plan to Bring the Bike Back,” as a way to raise awareness as to some options available to the City to help reverse this trend- it is included below (and some bullet points may have become antiquated by the passage of time); but if you have ideas on how your local government can step up, I would love to hear about them. As you can see below, bike safety is very important to me (I was hit while on my bike in downtown Davis, when a car blew through a stop sign- always wear your helmet, kids!)- so other paradigms welcome! Continue reading ‘Bringing the Bike Back!’