Who can post articles to BikeDavis.info?

Anyone can register and post to the site. Simply make an account, write and article and click “submit for review”. The article will be reviewed before posting.

Who can comment on articles?

Anyone can post comments, but the first comment posted will be reviewed. If acceptable you can post comments freely. No registration is needed to post comments.

What are the criteria for posting articles?

Your article must (loosely) relate to bicycling and Davis, California. Example articles could be:

  • about your commute to work
  • about a race your were in
  • about your opinion on bicycling facilities in Davis
  • about your favorite bicycle
  • about your tour in Europe
  • about recent news on bicycle policy in Davis

Articles will not be posted if they are socially offensive or illegal. Please be nice.

Can I post a link to the sidebar of the website?

Yes, simply submit the link and a description to bikedavis@gmail.com.

How do I post my photo to the header?

If you’d like to see a photo of yours in the header of the website, please crop at 950 x 200 pixels and submit it by email to bikedavis@gmail.com

Why is there a “Submit for Review” and a  “Save as Draft” button on the post creation page?

The first, “Submit for Review”, is if you’ve finished your article and are ready for us to review it and post it on the live site. The second, “Save as Draft”, is if you need save your work and come back later for more editing. Be sure you’ve selected “Submit for Review” if you haven’t seen your article appear on the site in a couple of days.

I’d like to help with site administration (site design, reviewing articles, etc), how can I be more involved?

Simply email bikedavis@gmail.com and let us know that you’d like to help out with the website.