Instructions for Authors

Getting an account and logging in.

Email to request an account.

Log in at the location shown below. This takes you to the Dashboard Page where editing occurs.

Click here to login to

Submitting an article

Note: Help is available in the upper right corner of each page.

Navigate to the “Posts” area on the Dashboard page and click on the “Posts” menu. This provides a list of posts (both old ones you’ve already published and others you have in various stages of composition) and their status. Create your new article by clicking on “Add New Post”.

Navigate to the posts area.

Add the new article. Select its category to be a “Davis Bicycles! Column.”

Give your article a name, and compose it in the text box just below the format bar. NOTE THAT ARTICLES ARE STRICTLY LIMITED TO 600 WORDS. Please insure your article meets these restrictions. Word count of saved drafts are indicated in the lower left corner.

Photos and captions can be uploaded and edited in the media library just below the Posts menu. The Enterprise likes to run a photo with each column. If you have an interesting, relevant photo of high newspaper resolution, please supply this (or several to give the Enterprise a choice) with the article. If not or if it isn’t of sufficient quality the Enterprise will contact you to arrange for their photographer to take one. The Enterprise likes photos that are natural and action, not boring, static “snapshot” types.

Edit and insert images from the Media Library.

Set a “more” tag so that only the first paragraph or so of the entire article will eventually appear in the blog roll.

Add in a "more" tag so that only a snippet appears on the front page.

If you haven’t completed your article and you’d like to return to it later, then save it as a draft.

Save as a draft for further editing.

If you have finished, then submit the article for review.

Submit the article to be review for editing.

Editing a saved draft.

Log in and navigate to “Posts”. Then select the draft article (labeled as draft).

Select the post awaiting review.

Edit the article, save as a draft or submit it for review.

Edit the article here.

After your article is complete and has been submitted for review, it will be read and edited by one or more of the column editors.

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