Past and Upcoming Columns and Ideas


Past Columns

Nov 26  Kids’ Biking Perspective by Audrey Ashdown

Dec 10  The Korean Sister City Bike Museum by Tara Goddard

Dec 24   An Xmas Bike Poem by John Whitehead


Jan 7    Green Waste on Davis Streets by John Berg

Jan 21  My First Cyclocross Race by Tom Burton

Feb 11   Freedom in Flight by Michelle Feikert

Feb 25 Saveagallon and Bike Loopalooza  by Christal Waters

Mar 11 From Harrisonburg VA: One Year After Our Trip to Davis by  Thomas Jenkins

Mar 25   Roll Model: Jacquie Phelan by Joe Herget and Matt Biers-Ariel

Apr 8  Bike Winery Tour to Clarksburg by Bob Sommer

Apr 22  The No-car Experiment by Dana Welch

May 6  Mixx Canyon Ride  by Matt Biers-Ariel

May 20  Davis Continues to Be at the Forefront of Urban Biking by Tara Goddard

June 3  Pedestrians Can Be Saved by the Bell by Mont Hubbard

September 9 – No-Falls Method for Learning How to Ride a Bicycle

September 23- Officer Neves

October 6 – Foxy’s

October 20 Chrystal – Save a gallon

November – Sacramento bike train commute


March 2 – Russell Reagan column

April 20 -  Robb Davis- Dooring

May 4 – North Davis Elementary Bike Month

Upcoming columns

May 18 - Susan Handy – Why I bicycle and my neighbors don’t

June 1 – Woodland bike campaign – Maria Tebutt

June 15 – New Woodland rider – Enrique Fernandes

June 29 -Double Trouble (Mt. Diablo) – Matt Biers-Ariel

July 13 – DK column

July 27 – Madeleine Kenefick and tandem

other articles in queue

Matt – To Drive or Not to Drive

Woodland-Davis commute – Paul Erickson

Pedestrians on bike path – Adrian Shapiro?

Why I ride – Maria Tebutt



Possible Ideas to Pursue:

  • Mont
  • Davis bike safety top 10 by Tara Goddard
  • Complete bikes by Ken’s bike & ski
  • Controversies, misconceptions re bike safety — Russell
  • Thrill of bike racing – Paul Mach, or any other bike racer
  • Student national bicycling champ — Mont
  • Bike path etiquette – Tara
  • New student bike riding at UCD– David T-W
  • Learning to ride at age 49 – Jason
  • Bike research — Mont or Luke
  • Bike shortcuts in Davis: Where cars can’t go!  Mont
  • Sacramento commute – Ken Celli
  • Rental and loan bikes in Europe & US – Steve
  • Charting CO2 efforts – Steve
  • The lives of my (and others) kids as they grew up in bike trailers (candidate author Tom Burton)
  • How to teach a kid to ride a bike in about five minutes, and without training wheels (I’ve (we’ve) done it) (Tom Burton)
  • Why my quality of life without a car is better than yours with. – Anthony Palmere
  • Understanding unique bike stuff: In praise of the ten pound road bike and/or Fixie: fad or religion? Bike Forth
  • Davis profiles: Dave Scott on the lava fields of Yolo; Steven Hanson, Davis’ most successful pro on owning a home-town bike shop; Paul Tomisberg on breaking bike parts and starting a new company; Kimo Tanaka on the renaissance of the custom bike frame, etc. – Sarah McCullogh
  • A (serious) profile of the Bike Church and the possibility for a bona fide bike religion
  • How many parts does a bike have? – Ted
  • How bicycles in Africa are saving lives Jason next spring
  • Matt
  • Bike cop
  • Troubled youth bike mentoring program by Davis Police Dept
  • High school angry column – Yonah Biers-Ariel
  • Senior citizen column-Electric bicycles: Cool or lame? John Swann
  • Frame building – Rick Jorgenson
  • Davis Bike club: many other topics pertaining to DBC John Whitehead?
  • Riding in a chase car in Amgen – Beth
  • CA Bike Museum, Pierce Miller collection (old bicycle) Joe Herget or Matt Dulcich
  • Biking in  and to Winters – Steady Eddie’s & bikes
  • Energy/Environment saved, put in real terms people can understand. Emphasis on equivalents. How many miles of biking saves the level of carbon that putting in CFLs would, or getting a new refrigerator, or solar panels, etc. ????
  • Why I Love Biking at Night. This is a common theme, and there is a column in this. Rainbow or DBC
  • New student in Davis on what it’s like to be tossed into bike culture
  • The bicycle: a fountain of youth, and/or the sentimental connections once one starts riding like they did as a kid (guy in Zen and the Art of Bicycle Commuting who discusses such) – Ernie Bieberstein
  • What’s (bike) March Madness in Davis and the joys of participation
  • Joe
  • Commuting by bike runs in the family (setting examples for kids)- R.C. Ambrose
  • Seasonal cycling destinations – American River Pkwy; County & State fairs, Winters earthquake festival, Sacramento Jazz Festival, Sacramento Gold Rush days,
  • Early history of biking in Davis. How far back can we find someone? Maynard on when he and Norm Woodbury ran in 1966. Early campus planning?
  • The carbon footprint of being a vegetarian v. a carnivore v. a car driver v. a bike rider
  • The Great Flood of the Patent Office in the 1890s (bicycle technology ideas forced the building of a new patent office)