Instructions for Editors

Getting an account and logging in.

Register for an account.

Register for the website here.

Log in.

Click here to login to

Editing articles

Navigate to the posts area.

Navigate to the posts area.

Select the article awaiting review (labeled as pending)

Select the post awaiting review.

Edit the article. Make sure that it contains author biographical information and that the title is descriptive. Several titles might make Debbie’s editing job below easier.

Edit the article here.

Photos and captions can be edited in the media library. If there is no photo provided by the author, Debbie will need to dispatch an Enterprise photographer to get a photo to accompany the article. This requires lead time and so we need to alert her early in the week (Monday or Tuesday) if this is the case.

Edit and insert images from the Media Library.

Set a “more” tag so that only the first paragraph or so of the entire article appears in the blog roll.

Add in a "more" tag so that only a snippet appears on the front page.

Once editing is done select a publishing date and publish the article. The publishing date here must be after the Friday date the article is scheduled to run in the Enterprise.

Set the article to be published.

How to submit the article to the Enterprise.

After we notify Debbie that the article is ready, she will come to this site and accomplish any final editing. Finally she will copy the article to the Enterprise. This will insure that the article as published in the Enterprise is identical to that maintained in our archives.

Copying text from the preview is one option.


Copy the text to and paste it into an email for the Enterprise.

Links to the full images can be found by right clicking the image and selecting “Copy Link Address” or you can select “Save link as” to download the full size image or click the image.

Scheduling Columns

Navigate to the “Upcoming Columns and Ideas” page. At the top is a list off all the upcoming articles and their dates.

The scheduling page for upcoming columns.

To add a confirmed column, log in to your Google Calendar account and create an event in the “DB! Columns” calendar, set to “All Day” and set the date.

Make a new event for the confirmed article.

You can add and remove ideas from the page by clicking edit.

Edit the page by clicking edit, or log in and navigate to "Pages".

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