cLips of Faith Beer and Film Tour

The Davis stop on the 2010 “Clips of Faith Beer and Film Tour“, a celebration of creative expression in brewing and film, will occur at Central Park, July 23d from 7:30-10:30 pm. This event will be a fund raising effort for two local bicycle advocacy and service organizations, Davis Bicycles! and the Davis Bike Collective. It will consist of a music and film festival with bicycling related films together with tasting of rare offerings of exotic beers. These are brewed by New Belgium Brewing Company, and some are available only on the Clips of Faith Tour. Samples of up to 15 beers will be available in 3 oz portions. Picnickers are welcome but tasty food will also be for sale. Valet bike parking will be available and all proceeds from beer sales will go to benefit the bike advocacy groups.
The Tour is inspired by New Belgium’s love of creative beer making, bicycling, and amateur filmmaking. The films to be shown will be the winners in a recently-held film competition. Beers are drawn from a series of “hard to get” New Belgium brews and will be available for an hour prior to the films. Local food vendors will have commitment to a locally grown, organic, sustainable menu and the event itself will be sustainable with all by-products either recycled or composted. Similar events are planned for 13 other US cities including Madison WI, Missoula MT and Eugene OR, each benefiting local bicycling organizations.
Davis Bicycles! and the Davis Bike collective are looking for volunteers to help out the day of the event. Head over to the Davis Bike Collective website to sign up for the event.

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