Build your own bike trailer!

by Jason Moore

Load of bicycles on a homemade bicycle trailer

Jason Moore with a homemade bicycle trailer carrying a load of bicycles.

This spring the Craft Center is offering a bicycle trailer building workshop. Bicycle trailers are a very useful detachable cargo carrying device useful for all bike commuters. You can carry your groceries, laundry… anything really. Bikes at Work have great examples of hauling big load with bike trailers. Project Compost uses one of their trailers to transport loads of compost out to the student farm. One of the most popular uses of trailers is carrying your children around. What a much more eco-friendly solution than the mini-van! So if you’ve always wanted a bike trailer and have a desire to make a custom one for yourself, check out the Craft Center’s new class. Or if you’d like to build a trailer in your backyard with minimal specialty tools have a look Community Bike Cart Design. Aaron Wieler provides open source plans for various trailer designs.

Thursdays, February 4 – March 11, 6 – 9 PM
In this class students who have previously taken Beginning Welding will be shown the steps for building a bike trailer. Basics of welding processes will not be covered; students are expected to have already taken Beginning Welding with the Craft Center, or have equivalent experience and complete a Shop Qualification to use the welding lab.

5 Responses to “Build your own bike trailer!”

  • Grat article! There are so many times when I need to carry something small and end up driving to accommidate it,

    A bike trailer would be the perfect solution. Now I can build one and save a bunch in the doing.


  • How does that go? Loan someone your bike trailer and they can move stuff for a day, but teach them to build them and they’re set for life. Isn’t that right out of the Bible? It’s been a while so the wording might be slightly different.

    thanks for sharing the class info.


  • Buying a trailer is quit pricy! I’m glad to see that for a fraction of the price I can learn to make my own. I contacted the UCD Craft Center and was told that most people who take this class come away with a working trailer.

    Getty-up. Now that’s a deal!


  • Hey Davis Bikeinfo,

    Cool bit on the trailors. Just what i’ve been luking for


  • I highly recommend this class. I just took it for the second time.
    It’s led by Jan Wright, and there will be another one pretty soon.

    It’s brazing which is easier and less scary for a newcomer than welding can be.

    I’m still putting the finishing touches on my 2nd trailer.

    Here’s my experience:

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