Visitors from Virginia coming to Davis to learn about biking culture

by Robb Davis

In March the City of Davis has the unique opportunity of hosting a delegation from Harrisonburg, VA who are coming to our town to learn about our bicycle infrastructure and culture in order to promote bicycling in their town.  The delegation is made up of elected officials, city employees and bicycle advocates.

The visitors will be arriving on 3 March late in the evening and will be visiting with us Thursday the 4th through Saturday 6 March.  This is who is confirmed so far:

  • Kai Degner – Mayor of Harrisonburg
  • MuAwia Awad DaMes – City Employee, City Planning
  • Thanh Ha Dang – City Employee, Bike and Pedestrian Coordinator
  • Thomas Jenkins – Owner of the Shenandoah Bike Shop, avid biker and leader in the Harrisonburg Bike Coalition
  • Lara Mack – Member of the bike coalition, owner/employer at the “Little Grill Restaurant” a “collectively owned” local restaurant and member of the local Voluntary Tax group (this group voluntarily taxes itself for every mile driven in a car and uses the money to fund various activities including some bike coalition activities)
  • Paulette Moore – a documentary film maker who would love to come and film the visit and what is happening vis-a-vis biking in Davis.

They will have a chance to bike around Davis (city and campus) to get a sense of the infrastructure, projects and other things that make Davis “bicycle friendly) and hold meetings with key city employees, elected officials and others knowledgeable of transportation and bicycling issues.  We also hope they will  meet with Davis Bike Collective acolytes/ministers/etc.  and learn about the evolution of Bike Collective. We hope to have a potluck dinner on Friday evening at which community members can informally meet the visitors and during which we can exchange “learnings” not just about biking but about other initiatives of interest in our communities.  We are also hoping to make a visit to Sacramento with to see how that city has “retrofitted” streets to make them more bike friendly and to talk to bike advocates there.

Contact Robb Davis at for more information or if you have ideas about other things this group should see or do.  Davis Bicycles! is doing all the local organizing for this visit and it is a pretty cool “grass roots” effort.

2 Responses to “Visitors from Virginia coming to Davis to learn about biking culture”

  • Not a big deal, but a noted correction to the post above: Mr. MuAwia DaMes is a Planning Commissioner (citizen representative, not a city employee). And a 7th member of the delegation was added, Mr. Tom Benevento, citizen bicycle advocate.

    We are all very excited about this opportunity!

  • Great effort and it will be interesting to see how this idea would work in the city of Harrisonburg. No doubt there would be benefits from having citizens riding bikes to work, run errands, and even the use by tourist to the city and Shenandoah Valley. It will be interesting to see how the traffic patterns will be changed\modified to incorporate more bicycles into the traffic flow and what areas of town it will be allowed or practical. Will there be some type of public transportation that will allow bicycles on the bus once the person finds themselves across town after riding conditions change such as loss of daylight, rainstorm, shedule change, or other conditions that prevent the person from being able to make the return trip on the bicycle?….

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