Davis cyclist killed on tour of Quebec, Canada

John Whitehead wrote, to the Davis Bike Club e-mail list:

Yesterday [Wed., 28 July], we lost our friend (DBC member and former board member) Bruce Winder to a busy highway.  The tour route had a left turn along a downhill section where there was heavy traffic.  My understanding is that there was no left turn lane and no signal lights, as the turn was onto a small side road in a non-urban area.  Bruce merged into traffic to make the turn but the vehicle behind him did now slow down enough.  There is no official determination of fault at this time.

Bruce’s wife Ellen was riding with him (separate bicycles, not their tandem) and she is now recovering from surgery with a pin in her femur and other injuries that she is expected to recover from.  Other DBC members witnessed the tragedy, and both families are in the loop.  Stu is staying with Ellen until Ellen’s family arrives for the rest of her hospital stay.  The rest of the tour group is expected to return to Davis on their planned schedule.  [...]

Let’s dedicate our rides this weekend to the memory of Bruce, and keep Bruce and Ellen in our thoughts and prayers.  Stu wanted me to let you know that Ellen is in good spirits considering that she feels that Bruce is smiling.

Submitted with sorrow,

John Whitehead

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  • Susan Knadle Salocks

    I am one of Bruce’s colleagues in the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) of Cal/EPA who will miss him and would like to be part of some type of memorial activity. I am not a cyclist myself, and it seems that something to make cycling safer would be appropriate, since Bruce loved cycling so much. I’m guessing that DBC members would have lots of ideas in which we could participate.

  • Hi Susan,
    I am Bruce’s son. (not a cyclist either:)) I imagine my dad was quite a character to go to work with each day. His puns and jokes are already missed. I am in communication with several folks from your office and we will make sure that all of his office friends are invited to what ever memorial services are arranged.
    I found this website while trying to keep track of stories on dad. It is dedicated to making Canadian roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians. One way to help keep Bruce’s love for the sport alive is to help make sure this website succeeds.


    Thank you to everyone who has shown so much compassion to our family in this time of tragedy.
    ~geoffrey winder

    •                                July 6, 2011
      Please convey following message to Mrs. Ellen Winder.

      Dear Ellen,

      It is with great sorrow that I have found in the DBC Home Page the sad news of the untimely passing of your husband, Dr. Bruce Winder.

      I am certain that his passing must be a great loss to you and your family, as he has been such a capable and cheerful person and had made so much contribution to your family.

      I tender deepest sympathy and condolences to you, Reya and Geoffrey.

      News in 2010 shown in the DBC Home Page also mentioned that you were seriously injured but were recovering rapidly from multiple fractures. I hope you are now completely recovered physically and, hopefully mentally.

      In Bruce’s last e-mail to me, he told me that you and Bruce visited France with bikes. At that time, I promised him that we would go to Italy with bikes, too. I also sent him some information about our new bikes.

      From June 24 to July 2 of this year, we visited Italy, unfortunately without bikes because of my ischiatic neuralgia on right leg, and I sent an e-mail to Bruce last night telling the entire story about our trip. But, the e-mail returned back to me. Therefore, I opened DBC Home Page to obtain his new e-mail address just as I had done before. This is how I reached the sad news and I could not stop my tears.

      I already miss Bruce’s jokes and smiles with which he made us happy at any time.

      Yours sincerely,

      Tamon Uematsu
      1-13-13 Higashimati, Sakuragaoka,
      Nishiku, Kobe City 651-2225
      e-mail: tamon_u@kmh.biglobe.ne.jp

  • Davis Bike Club Members,
    Thanks so much for setting this up for Bruce.
    He was in the lab at UCD for 3 years and will be missed. Your information will go out to his former colleagues.
    Of course our thoughts to out to Reya, Geoffrey and a speedy recovery for Ellen.

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