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Don’t Call It Cheating by Diane Swann

Diane Swann raves about the electric bike she and her husband bought in 2008, on which they have logged more than 11,000 miles. The Swanns use the e-bike for errands, commuting and recreation. Wayne Tilcock/Enterprise photo

In 2008, my husband, John, and I bought an electric bicycle, a BionX-equipped pedal-assist bike. Before I go further, let me disclose that we are now e-bike dealers. After riding it, we thought, “This is something people should know about!”

An e-bike is to our transportation what a cell phone is to most people’s communication system.  Together we have logged more than 11,000 miles on this bike alone.

We use our e-bike for errands, commuting and recreation. Thanks to our e-bike, we are consistently logging more bicycle miles each month than automobile miles. Our auto insurance company recently sent us a check for reduced mileage.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the social implications of riding the e-bike. Instead of constantly bringing up the rear when riding with others, my bike catapulted me to the front of the group.  I can now chat with people who previously would have blown by me.  I have no fear of getting dropped or slowing people down. Instead of “Wait for me!”; it’s “Go ahead; I’ll catch up.”

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New Year’s Bicycle Resolutions

By Matt Biers-Ariel and Mont Hubbard

This week we asked for people to send in their bicycling New Year’s resolutions. So here they are. The first one is a resolution that we hope many of you strive for because whether you are an 8-year-old who is riding to school for the first time or the octogenarian who has ridden two-dozen Foxy’s Fall Centuries, Davis Bicycles! wants your story in The Enterprise.

Here’s to a safe and awesome year of biking!

I resolve to write a Davis Bicycles! column. — Leo Rainer

As a household, log more bicycle miles every month than car miles. — John Swann

I resolve to explore Yolo County more by bike. — Christal Waters

I resolve to ride my bike more for errands (offsetting car use), in addition to recreation. — Steve Macaulay

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