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Inspirational speech on learning to bicycle

Pedestrians can be saved by the bell

Bicycling is the natural transportation choice in Davis. We are lucky to have the wonderful infrastructure that makes biking so easy and beneficial but, as good as it is, it has to be used courteously and responsibly.

Most Davis facilities are multiple-use ones. Greenbelts and bike paths are heavily trafficked by both pedestrians and bikes. We cyclists must remain especially aware of safety because of high speed differentials.

A bike travels about five times faster and has about 25 times more kinetic energy than a person walking. Another exacerbating factor is that bikes are so quiet that walkers can be completely unaware of their presence unless active warnings are issued by the cyclist.

Responsibility cuts two ways. Both walkers and cyclists need to be constantly alert to danger of collisions. Anything that increases this awareness is good. And anything that decreases it is bad. Continue reading ‘Pedestrians can be saved by the bell’