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Andrew Homan and Craig Calfee at the Hall of Fame

The US Bicycling Hall of fame announces 2 talks in the first week of May. On May 1st, Andrew Homan, bicyclist, author and historian will be signing copies of his new book, Life in the Slipstream, The Legend of Bobby Walthour Sr. and will present a talk about Bobby Walthour Sr, a bicycling Legend from the early 1900s.
On May 7th Craig Calfee of Bamboosero will present a slide show and talk about this innovative effort to establish bamboo bicycle factories in parts of the world where bamboo is prevalent, bicycles are valuable as transportation and unemployment is high.
Both Events will begin at 4PM and be held at the US Bicycling Hall of Fame, 303 3rd St in Davis. The HoF will open at 3PM for members and guests to examine the exhibits. Admission is free for members, $3 for students/seniors or $5 general.

The No Car Experiment

By Dana Welch

Well, I finally did it. On purpose. I left my car in the garage and traveled everywhere on bike for an entire day.

In the past, I’ve come up with every logical (and illogical) reason why it wasn’t feasible. Not enough time. Lousy weather (too cold, too wet, too windy, too hot). Too many errands at too many places.

I was comfortable with my normal routine of driving around Davis to get my everyday tasks accomplished. Part of me was slightly embarrassed about how I got my business done, knowing darn well that it was possible to get much of it done on bike. Maybe not every single day, but surely a day here and there. Maybe even one day a week.

I already biked with my children to school and back, so it couldn’t be that much more effort to run errands by bike. Plus, I grew up in Davis, so I already knew first-hand the ease of getting from point A, to point B, and then even point C and D on bike. Extended bike travel is very doable in our bike-friendly town.

It was a Sacramento Bee article about how rising gas prices are changing people’s travel behavior that finally did it for me. Now it was time to get real and try it out. When I realized I had a fairly easy day ahead, I decided to make an official experiment. For the whole day, I would only travel by bike and I wouldn’t change my plans to make it any easier. Continue reading ‘The No Car Experiment’

Bike Guides Needed for Tour de Cluck, May 14

Wouldn’t you love to be a part of one of Davis’ most fun, town-wide, bicycle-oriented events? Back by popular demand, the 2011 Tour De Cluck: A Bicycle Chicken Coop Crawl offers the chicken lovers and chicken curious among us an opportunity to visit a variety of Davis backyard chicken coops. Your participation in this bicycle paean to poultry will benefit Davis Farm to School’s work to support local food in a healthy school environment.*** 16 riders are needed as route guides Saturday, May 14th. You’ll meet a lot of nice people and have a blast.
SIGN UP NOW! Contact Maria Tebbutt (aka Chicken Little) at 753-1125 or