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Sweet Young Triathlete (Song)

Late in the winter of 2006, it was rumored on the Davis Bike Club email list that a young woman cyclist from the UC Davis triathlete team reported being passed by an “89 year old grandpa” on Cardiac Hill (along California State Highway 128 near Lake Berryessa, between Markley Cove and Wragg Canyon).  It was suggested that one of our club members, retiree Bob Brouhard had been the “old man,” despite being a quarter century younger.  The moniker ”Big Ring Bob” was coined by Myke Berna of Winters. Continue reading ‘Sweet Young Triathlete (Song)’

The Google Street View trike is seen at UC Davis!

Google worked with UC Davis so that Google Street View (part of Google Maps) now has data on the car-free campus. Look for it in Google Maps soon.

The Dateline article.

“Davis Routes”, a new iPhone app for Davis bicyclists

The Aggie just featured an article on three UC Davis students that now make up Uboo Technologies and their bicycling app for the iPhone.

Caution, Hazard Ahead

By John Berg

Published in the Davis Enterprise, Friday, January 7, 2011

Bicyclists deal with dangerous blocked lanes each winter

A bicyclist rides past a debris pile Tuesday in the northbound bike lane on B Street north of Eighth Street (FRED GLADDIS/ENTERPRISE PHOTO).

Imagine driving a car in Davis after a severe Pacific storm, dodging  downed trees and limbs, crossing over into the opposite lane, or even hopping up onto the sidewalk at times.  Now, imagine if no one cleaned up the debris for weeks, and you had to deal with this every day.

That’s exactly what Davis cyclists, including school children, have to deal with many days during fall and winter, due to yard waste being dumped into bike lanes week after week.  Even though it is illegal to block bike lanes, the city does not have the resources to enforce many of the violations.

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