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Year-End Poem 2010

Once again it’s really here

Our second quiet time of year
It’s not just students gone, you know
But silent fields awaiting plow

Just kidding with that awkward rhyme
That harkens from a simpler time
Pronounciation didn’t fit
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There and Back Again: A Visit to the “Bike City” of South Korea

City of Davis Bicycle Coordinator Tara Goddard and Sung Moon of Davis help Mayor Sung of Sangju test out the Whymcycle donated to the Sangju Bicycles Museum by Peter Wagner of Davis

After a two-hour drive, a 13-hour flight and a three-hour bus ride, I was having trouble remembering just why I agreed to travel to South Korea to check out its bicycling facilities, meet with its bicycle planners, and tour the new bicycle museum. Fortunately, after a good night’s sleep, a cup of coffee and a bowl of fish soup for breakfast, my attitude had changed for the better. And from then on, I was pleased and amazed by the friendliness of the South Korean people, the generosity of our hosts, and the beauty of the country.

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