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Audrey tells her story biking to school

My name is Audrey, and I’ve been biking since I was little. From kindergarten to third grade, I often rode my bike to Fairfield Elementary School. I got/had to ride 14 miles to school and back with my mom. Part of the time, I biked with my mom on a trail-a-bike; as I got older I biked on my two-wheeler. It was a good experience , and it led me to wanting to ride my bike from Davis to Winters. Continue reading ‘Audrey tells her story biking to school’

How big a truck is needed to change a lightbulb?

I was coming into campus via 3rd street and passed an electrician changing a lightbulb in one of the street lamps by the road.

He was changing a light just like this.

I’m glad that UC Davis still has some money to pay for these kinds of amenities in the budget crisis, but beside the electrician was a giant truck with a huge robotic ladder. The first question that came to my mind was “How big of a truck do you need to change a lightbulb?”. Apparently this big: Continue reading ‘How big a truck is needed to change a lightbulb?’

Davis Bicycles! Film Festival, Sat. 11/20, 7 PM

Don’t miss this year’s Bike Film Festival which includes two productions featuring Davis cyclists: “Spokes,” a visit by bicyclists and city officials from Harrisonburg, VA who aim to make their city more bicycle-friendly, and “All Clucked Up!” a zany music-filled video about last spring’s bicycle tour of Davis chicken coops. Beyond our city, the festival will feature “Il Cyclista Dolce”, starring NYC’s Village Voice entertainment columnist Michael Musto, with sweet advice on cycling in the city; and “Beauty and the Bike”, a thoughtful piece on the feminine side of cycling in Great Britain. Continue reading ‘Davis Bicycles! Film Festival, Sat. 11/20, 7 PM’

WTF? What’s up with gender and bikes?

Working together to fix wheels at WTF.

The scent of chain lube, rubber and oranges lingers on my fingers. This is the sweet smell of bike repair and gender justice.

It’s 5 p.m. on a Tuesday at Bike Forth, Davis’ do-it-yourself bike repair shop. The garage door rolls up with a satisfying clang. Tonight is Women Trans Friends night. Women, transgender individuals and our friends gather to fix bikes and share stories of our pleasures and troubled times in the world of bicycle repair. My story of bike repair begins with blood and ends with orange-scented soap.

Before I moved to Davis, I mountain-biked in Laramie, Wyo. And I fell. A lot. I bled and broke my bike with alarming regularity. Fortunately, the local bike shop, The Pedal House, kept my bike in working order, while I repaired my cuts. Many afternoons, I would chat with the men (for all the mechanics were men) and watch with vague interest as their skilled hands mended the derailleur I bent in my latest crash. Continue reading ‘WTF? What’s up with gender and bikes?’

Urban Cycling Skills Class Offered in Davis

Three-part course held on Nov. 9 (evening), Nov. 13, Nov. 20. Even the most experienced cyclists among us are likely to benefit. Completion of this course is also a requirement for anyone interested in enrolling in a LAB Certified Cycling Instructor course. The class will be held on the UC Davis campus. Continue reading ‘Urban Cycling Skills Class Offered in Davis’

Davis’s First Bike Move this Saturday!

Robb and Nancy Davis are hosting Davis’s first ever “Move By Bike”. They are moving from one house to another in Davis. The houses are about 1.5 miles apart. The goal is to move all of their belongings by bicycle power!. Robb has a collection of cargo bikes and trailers, but everyone should bring whatever bicycle cargo carrying capacity that you can find. Here is their invitation: Continue reading ‘Davis’s First Bike Move this Saturday!’