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Brake Adjustment Workshop this Monday @ Bike Forth

Do bicycle brakes baffle you? Do your brakes squeak and squeal? Do you brakes even work? If you’ve ever wondered what the mystery is about having good working brakes on your bike, then this workshop is for you. Come join us for Open Bike Night where Rev. Jason will teach you about adjusting and taking care of you brakes.

Bike Forth, 1221 1/4 4th St

Monday, Nov 1 @ 6:30 pm

Bicycling the Berlin Wall


The Beer Bike is a hit on the streets of former East Berlin.

Standing in front of a picture of Checkpoint Charlie as it was 40 years ago.


In 1969 I spent three months wandering around Europe with two college friends.  One afternoon we decided to go through Checkpoint Charlie into East Berlin as a lark, but got a disturbing look at post-war oppression. West Berlin was colorful and prosperous, but on the east side everything was gray–buildings, sky, people and clothing.  Even the food.  The only eye contact came from the armed guards near the wall. Continue reading ‘Bicycling the Berlin Wall’

New Belgium’s Inaugural Clips of Faith Beer & Film Tour Donated More Than $31,000 to Local Non-Profits in 2010

Roughly 7,000 People Enjoyed Outdoor Film Screenings and Beer Tastings

Ft. Collins, CO, October 27, 2010 – It’s a Wrap! Clips of Faith, New Belgium Brewing’s newest traveling celebration, recently concluded its fourteen-city tour with great success.  The first-year festival brought people together for an outdoor screening of collected amateur short films accompanied by some of New Belgium’s esoteric Lips of Faith beers ( and food from local vendors.  Total attendance topped 7,000 and Clips of Faith donated more than $31,000 to fifteen non-profits (see city-by-city breakdowns below).

“We knew this would be a fun venue to celebrate the arts of filmmaking and Belgian-style brewing,” said Christie Catania, Clips of Faith Manager at Large.  “But the opportunity to support local advocacy groups doing great things was a tremendous benefit.” Continue reading ‘New Belgium’s Inaugural Clips of Faith Beer & Film Tour Donated More Than $31,000 to Local Non-Profits in 2010′

Transforming Cities for Cycling, Wed. 10/27, 7 PM

At this week’s Davis Bicycles! membership meeting, Steve Tracy will be presenting: “Transforming Cities for Cycling: Lessons from Europe”

Steve recently returned from five weeks investigating bicycling politics, planning, and infrastructure in Europe. Learn how European cities large and small are transforming their public spaces and creating equal status networks for cyclists. Steve will share photos taken in Munich, Münster, Vienna, Berlin, Freiburg, and small towns.  See what we can strive for here in Davis.

Wednesday, October 27, 7-9 pm
Hallmark Inn dining room, 110 F Street (F Street entrance, near Seasons Restaurant)

Open Bike Night: Deck out your bike for Halloween

The Ghost Car Bike from Critical Mass October 2006

Wouldn’t you want to go to a Halloween party with your bicycle looking as good as you? Come out for Open Bike Night this week where we will transform our bicycles into ghoulish rides for all hallows eve. We will have various materials but please bring some of your own too.

When: 6:30 pm Monday October 25

Where: Bike Forth, 1221 1/2 4th St

Bike Frame Stool-making Workshop

Come to Bike Forth on Monday, 10/18/10 at 6:30pm and learn how to  make a Bike Stool!    Bring your own frame or use one of ours.  Make it for home or for Bike Forth.  See you there!

Next Summer’s Vacation

What can be more adrenaline-producing than a rollercoaster hitting a turn at 50 mph? More relaxing than a cold beer (for the adults) or a large milkshake (for the kids) after a long day of sightseeing? More frustrating than the inability to stop children fighting over whether or not one child is allowed to mock a second’s bizarre new ritual?

On the short list of family getaways are Disneyland, Hawaii, Club Med and visiting the relatives. Here’s one more: the bike trip. Nope. Not for us. We’re not elite athletes. Besides it’s too dangerous. Yet if you were to coolly calculate the advantages of a vacation on two wheels, you might think again.

Even if we wanted to, we couldn’t do it. We wouldn’t know where to go. No worries. Open your browser and go to This organization has 22 bicycle maps criss-crossing the United States. The maps are genius because they keep you off the main highways, show you where to camp or lodge, note elevations and are filled with trivia of the areas you are cycling through. Continue reading ‘Next Summer’s Vacation’

Letters about Cars and Bikes…

A letter to the editor in the Davis Enterprise on 28 September 2010 from John Bernard of Davis:

Drivers, be aware of bicyclists

Ah, fall — that wondrous time of year when the sun dips low along Russell Boulevard during both the morning and evening rush hours (Davis version), making visibility even more questionable. Ah, fall — that equally wondrous time of year when returning and new students of all ages test the workmanship of all local auto repair brake services.

Just a reminder, drivers: Bike riders occasionally tend to misjudge oncoming traffic speed; bike riders occasionally tend to treat bike crossing stop and yield signs as mere suggestions; and apparently bike riders occasionally feel that the crossing stripes are some type of “Star Trek” deflector shields. Continue reading ‘Letters about Cars and Bikes…’

Getting More School Kids on Bikes

Zoe Chinn enjoyed last springs Bike Loopalooza.

- by Christal Waters

It’s back-to-school, bike-to-school time again.  I am seeing more bikes on the road, heading for my neighborhood elementary schools, and on to the university.   I have seen more children and parents on bikes than in previous years.  All this is good. Studies have shown there is safety in numbers.  Truly, the more people walk and ride their bikes, the safer those walkers and bicyclists are.

Before school starts each day at my neighborhood school, I see bicyclists and pedestrians escorted across the street by the crossing guard, and they proceed across the school grounds to bike parking and classrooms.  The drop-off cars maneuver for space in an unchoreographed dance: One or two drivers pull in perpendicular, rather than horizontal to the curb, and often block the bike lane for UCD students bicycling to class.  How do they see clearly to back out?  For elementary school students being driven to school due to distance, wouldn’t it be easier and safer for all concerned to drive to a nearby business parking area with plenty of room for maneuvering and, from there, join a “walking bus” to school? Continue reading ‘Getting More School Kids on Bikes’