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Davis cyclist killed on tour of Quebec, Canada

John Whitehead wrote, to the Davis Bike Club e-mail list:

Yesterday [Wed., 28 July], we lost our friend (DBC member and former board member) Bruce Winder to a busy highway.  The tour route had a left turn along a downhill section where there was heavy traffic.  My understanding is that there was no left turn lane and no signal lights, as the turn was onto a small side road in a non-urban area.  Bruce merged into traffic to make the turn but the vehicle behind him did now slow down enough.  There is no official determination of fault at this time.

Bruce’s wife Ellen was riding with him (separate bicycles, not their tandem) and she is now recovering from surgery with a pin in her femur and other injuries that she is expected to recover from.  Other DBC members witnessed the tragedy, and both families are in the loop.  Stu is staying with Ellen until Ellen’s family arrives for the rest of her hospital stay.  The rest of the tour group is expected to return to Davis on their planned schedule.  [...]

Let’s dedicate our rides this weekend to the memory of Bruce, and keep Bruce and Ellen in our thoughts and prayers.  Stu wanted me to let you know that Ellen is in good spirits considering that she feels that Bruce is smiling.

Submitted with sorrow,

John Whitehead

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cLips of Faith Beer and Film Tour

The Davis stop on the 2010 “Clips of Faith Beer and Film Tour“, a celebration of creative expression in brewing and film, will occur at Central Park, July 23d from 7:30-10:30 pm. This event will be a fund raising effort for two local bicycle advocacy and service organizations, Davis Bicycles! and the Davis Bike Collective. It will consist of a music and film festival with bicycling related films together with tasting of rare offerings of exotic beers. These are brewed by New Belgium Brewing Company, and some are available only on the Clips of Faith Tour. Samples of up to 15 beers will be available in 3 oz portions. Picnickers are welcome but tasty food will also be for sale. Valet bike parking will be available and all proceeds from beer sales will go to benefit the bike advocacy groups. Continue reading ‘cLips of Faith Beer and Film Tour’

Bike Tales from the Campaign

Joe on the campaign trail

Submitted to: The Enterprise, Davis, California, for July 16, 2010 publication

by: Joe Krovoza

By all accounts, 1966 was a real “bike election” for the Davis City Council. Norm Woodward and Maynard Skinner embraced the pro-bike positions of the “Citizens’ Bicycle Safety Group” to defend alleged “deviant” cyclists and protest an overemphasis on parking lots. Woodward and Skinner rode to victory. Our first bike lanes were planned within weeks and the early vision for Davis as a bicycle-friendly city had begun. The mid-1960s bike advocacy was institutionalized. Continue reading ‘Bike Tales from the Campaign’

34th Annual Fourth of July Criterium

The Davis Bike Club Race Team’s 34th annual Fourth of July Criterium will be this weekend! Be sure to check it out in downtown Davis.
Find out more information at the race team’s website:

Tour de Cluck Music Video Released

All Clucked Up! from Rusty Rogers on Vimeo.

Treasure Hunting by Bicycle


By Neil J. Rubenking

I couldn’t ask for a better biking town than Davis, with its miles of shady bicycle paths and convenient bike lanes along the streets. I love crossing over and under freeways and railroad tracks without worrying about getting creamed by a vehicle. And if the paths seem crowded I head out of town and bike the farm roads. But riding every day as I do, finding someplace new to cycle can be a problem.

I start my work day super-early, on East Coast time, and finish on West Coast time. In between I ride ten or twelve miles, sometimes as much as twenty. That big break lets me start work fresh twice each day, which helps inspire my writing. Still, there’s a limit to how many times one can enjoy making the circuit of the Davis Bike Loop, or any other particular route. Luckily for me I discovered Geocaching, the perfect companion hobby to bicycling. Continue reading ‘Treasure Hunting by Bicycle’