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Summer Camp, Davis Style

On my way to the University today I spotted this peloton of summer camp attendees on their way from Rainbow City at Community Park to the batting cages at Play Fields park. Isn’t it great that this is possible in our town! I know where I grew up there was no chance of riding your bike across the city to the next summer camp adventure.

From Bicycling in Davis

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Happy Bike, Happy Rider or A Well-Tuned Bike is a Happy Bike

From Portland

Submission for Davis Bicycles! column in the Davis Enterprise for June 11, 2010

By: Ted Buehler

Riding a well-tuned bike is a great feeling: you fly along practically effortlessly.  Wind whistles in your ears, you consume the sweet sights and smells of the world as you swoop around town: the power of your body efficiently transferred to speed through the fine workings of a simple machine.

In contrast, riding a bike in poor condition is just hard work.  Rubbing brakes and squishy tires slow you down, a poorly adjusted seat means you huff and puff simply to keep moving. You might be just as fit as the next person, but power just isn’t getting to the wheels.

The huffing and puffing many times starts with buying an inexpensive bike at a big box store. Unfortunately, it’s a poor investment. The manufacturer cuts a lot of corners to get you that price: metals are inferior, parts are harder to adjust, plastic and rubber fall apart in the weather. It will be heavy and slow, and when you pedal you’ll think, “Riding a bike is hard work.” Continue reading ‘Happy Bike, Happy Rider or A Well-Tuned Bike is a Happy Bike’

New bike racks around town

I’ve been noticing several new bike racks popping up around town. The city is steadily installing racks and various business owners are taking an initiative themselves. Bikram Yoga on L St recently had bike racks installed all along the front of their store front.

From Bicycling in Davis

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