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Bringing the Bike Back!

As I have gotten more involved in my UC Davis Transportation masters program, I have been thinking more and more about how biking has been declining in mode share (specifically related to Davis) over the years. While the establishment of Unitrans may have helped this trend, certainly a lack of consistent investment in bike infrastructure, external commuting, and cultural shifts (see “[intlink id="6" type="post"]Earbud Citation: Is it necessary?[/intlink]”) have not been positive contributors. In 2008, I put together a campaign piece called the “Three Point Plan to Bring the Bike Back,” as a way to raise awareness as to some options available to the City to help reverse this trend- it is included below (and some bullet points may have become antiquated by the passage of time); but if you have ideas on how your local government can step up, I would love to hear about them. As you can see below, bike safety is very important to me (I was hit while on my bike in downtown Davis, when a car blew through a stop sign- always wear your helmet, kids!)- so other paradigms welcome! Continue reading ‘Bringing the Bike Back!’

Charlie and the Rabbit

Charlie and the Rabbit is a recently released film about a young boy who goes hunting for a rabbit. It was filmed in Davis by two locals and just showed at the Sundance Film Festival this year. There are some beautiful scenes of Charlie bicycling around the streets and paths of the city. UC Davis News wrote a nice article about the film and its authors and they’ve made it to the front page of UC Davis website. You will have to watch to see if he gets the wabbit…

– Jason Moore

Gear up for Davis Tandem-onium

Last Friday (1/15) Robert Alverson wrote a great piece for our Davis Bicycles!
column in The Enterprise.  It captured the fun and function of tandems. Robert’s going to amass the Davis tandem community for a spring ride, perhaps doing the bike loop for good measure on this first annual tandem peleton.  We’ll see.  To get on the list to learn about the when and where of the tandem-onium ride, write to Robert at  As the organizer of the column, I sought out a tandem article because I have just never shaken a video from my mind that we chose and showed at the first annual DB! Film Fest (Oct. 2008).
That’s the video in this post.  With this in mind, I saw Robert on his tandem on campus, rode up and pulled him over (what was he thinking I was doing) and asked him if he’d write a column and he did a great one.  Okay, now that I have written all of this, I’d better just drop the column below or risk being rude.  I think the DB! columns are going to get posted as a set soon, but here’s this one.  – Joe Krovoza


A bicycle built for two: a better way to travel

Submitted to: The Enterprise for January 15, 2010

By: Robert Alverson

For years I rode all over Santa Cruz, including on to the UC campus every day, which is about 900 feet above the city. As a result, I am a reasonably athletic biker, certainly not in the realm of competitive cycling, but I enjoy going fast and I don’t balk at hills. During my days in Continue reading ‘Gear up for Davis Tandem-onium’

Are Unitrans buses more aggressive than they used to be?

On a winter Tuesday morning in mid-January in severe (blustery and rainy) weather conditions I was riding my bicycle on the UCD campus in a chain of other bicycles westbound on Hutchison Dr just east of the Main Library bus stop. A stopped bus on the H line put on their left turn signal, started up, and began and continued to pull into the westbound traffic lane, forcing me and another adjacent cyclist into the oncoming, very traffic-filled eastbound lane. For several seconds (5-8) we were directly beside the bus, probably 2/3 of the way to the front, and the bus slowly but insistently essentially forced us out of the lane. The driver seemed to think that all they needed to do was signal their intentions and that it was our obligation to stop and/or get out of the way. Afterwards I looked behind me and observed that the bus could have waited 3-5 more seconds and had a clear lane to pull into. Continue reading ‘Are Unitrans buses more aggressive than they used to be?’

Earbud Citation: Is it necessary?

On my way to school this morning I passed Officer Ralph Nuno (bicycle campus police officer) stopping folks on bicycle at the north side of the Outdoor Adventures traffic circle. He was primarily looking for people who were listening to there mp3 players while riding their bicycle. I found this a bit outrageous, so I stopped to talk with him about what was going on. It turns out that he is the only bicycle cop on campus and is fairly new. He was very nice and gave me lots of great information on the situation. Continue reading ‘Earbud Citation: Is it necessary?’