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A UC student pedestrian dies after being hit by automobile driver, the third death in 7 weeks.

Renne Lyra Morrow, 19, died after being hit by a person driving car at the intersection of Arlington and Shasta. This terrible news especially since two other students have been killed in the last several weeks in the same manner. This should be a clear signal to the city that something is wrong. Davis is touted as a bikeable and walkable community. If so, we should tolerate absolutely zero deaths due to automobile drivers running over our pedestrians and bicyclists. I am extremely saddened and I feel more unsafe with each new news story. As I was biking home on Tuesday, happy that my latest dissertation chapter was done, I was also almost killed by an auto driver who decided to go in reverse down C street without looking behind her. She realized her error as her SUV collided into me and my bicycle. Luckily I was to the side of the vehicle and avoided being completely run over by the wheels. Pedestrians and bicyclists should not have to fear being run over by auto drivers, especially in this town. Let’s start making some serious change to our policies so that we have zero deaths and injuries resulting from auto drivers running over people.

Links to stories about Renne:

Question: Is It Legal For Delivery Trucks To Block Bicycle Lanes?

This morning on my way to school a UPS truck was blocking the southbound L st bicycle lane while delivering packages to Screaming Squeegee. I found it particularly unsafe practice for the bicyclists’ sake. It forces one into a typically 45 mph roadway (or onto the sidewalk). I stopped and told the driver that I thought it made it unsafe for me and other bicyclists and asked him to park elsewhere. He blew me off saying that he had no other options.
I then saw some police officers in Central park and asked them about the law. They said that delivery trucks are exempt from parking laws when delivering a package, including parking in a bicycle lane. They said that their lobby groups are strong and get the exemptions passed.
I haven’t found any answers with Google yet. Does anyone know what the law is? And if not, where do I look for the law?

An example of a delivery truck in the bicycle lane.

Inspirational speech on learning to bicycle

Third Street Improvements Project Coming Along Nicely

In my opinion, Brian Abbanat is doing a fantastic job with the Third Street Improvements Project. There has been a survey and two community workshops where the community ideas have really been taken into account. I wish all planning processes around the city were this organized and inclusive. We may get to finally see some new innovated street design in Davis. Right now there is a second survey where you can rank each of the four design posibilities and man do they look cool. Here is an example of one:

The bicycle and pedestrian only design from the second survey.

I encourage everyone to take the short survey and vote on the designs. There are some great ideas for making this area much more livable and safe.

Sweet Young Triathlete (Song)

Late in the winter of 2006, it was rumored on the Davis Bike Club email list that a young woman cyclist from the UC Davis triathlete team reported being passed by an “89 year old grandpa” on Cardiac Hill (along California State Highway 128 near Lake Berryessa, between Markley Cove and Wragg Canyon).  It was suggested that one of our club members, retiree Bob Brouhard had been the “old man,” despite being a quarter century younger.  The moniker ”Big Ring Bob” was coined by Myke Berna of Winters. Continue reading ‘Sweet Young Triathlete (Song)’

How big a truck is needed to change a lightbulb?

I was coming into campus via 3rd street and passed an electrician changing a lightbulb in one of the street lamps by the road.

He was changing a light just like this.

I’m glad that UC Davis still has some money to pay for these kinds of amenities in the budget crisis, but beside the electrician was a giant truck with a huge robotic ladder. The first question that came to my mind was “How big of a truck do you need to change a lightbulb?”. Apparently this big: Continue reading ‘How big a truck is needed to change a lightbulb?’

Letters about Cars and Bikes…

A letter to the editor in the Davis Enterprise on 28 September 2010 from John Bernard of Davis:

Drivers, be aware of bicyclists

Ah, fall — that wondrous time of year when the sun dips low along Russell Boulevard during both the morning and evening rush hours (Davis version), making visibility even more questionable. Ah, fall — that equally wondrous time of year when returning and new students of all ages test the workmanship of all local auto repair brake services.

Just a reminder, drivers: Bike riders occasionally tend to misjudge oncoming traffic speed; bike riders occasionally tend to treat bike crossing stop and yield signs as mere suggestions; and apparently bike riders occasionally feel that the crossing stripes are some type of “Star Trek” deflector shields. Continue reading ‘Letters about Cars and Bikes…’

Bike trains visit Davis

Just a cool shot I got this morning of a super long bicycle trailer train heading north on L Street.

From Bicycling in Davis

- moorepants

Summer Camp, Davis Style

On my way to the University today I spotted this peloton of summer camp attendees on their way from Rainbow City at Community Park to the batting cages at Play Fields park. Isn’t it great that this is possible in our town! I know where I grew up there was no chance of riding your bike across the city to the next summer camp adventure.

From Bicycling in Davis

Continue reading ‘Summer Camp, Davis Style’

The Travails of the Environmentally Conscious Menstruating Wyman

Glad Rag

Have you ever tried biking in glad rags? I, being an environmentalist, do this once a month for several days in a row. For those of you who don’t know about them, Glad rags are reusable menstrual pads that we, environmentalist chicks, like to wear to cut down on waste and in general feel better about ourselves during a time when we generally feel the worst about ourselves.

However, the act of biking with glad rags is akin to masochistism. You at both feel proud for how hardcore you are- biking in the rain with cramps with a wad of cotton between your legs- and at once in pain. For every time you hit a bump, the cute little snap that fastens your glad rag to your panties crushes into some of the most sensitive tissue in the female body, leaving you cursing all it means to be a environmentally conscious wyman. Continue reading ‘The Travails of the Environmentally Conscious Menstruating Wyman’