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New Bicycle Path “Uncovers” Buried Tunnel After 23 Years

On Tuesday, February 12 at 11:00 a.m. the City of Davis will dedicate a new bicycle path and tunnel just south of the soon-to-open New Harmony Mutual Housing Community in south Davis. The public is invited to attend on bicycles. Vehicle parking will also be available at the New Harmony apartment site at 3030 Cowell Boulevard, just west of Drummond Avenue.

The new bike path connects to a corrugated metal bike tunnel which was originally installed in 1990 during a reconfiguration of Drummond Avenue. The bike tunnel and access to it were literally buried until the New Harmony project began uncovering and improving it in 2012, when the city had acquired the funding to complete the bike path connections. The bike path improvements were jointly provided for through city funding, grant funds and developer funds from the adjacent New Harmony affordable housing development.

The new offstreet path adds to Davis’ extensive bikeway system featuring over 53 miles of offstreet bicycle paths and over 52 miles of bicycle lanes.  The Davis bicycle network is part of a city that covers approximately 10 square miles. The new Drummond Avenue bike tunnel will be the 26th grade separated bicycle crossing in Davis. Continue reading ‘New Bicycle Path “Uncovers” Buried Tunnel After 23 Years’

Bicicultures Roadshow Call for Participants

Bicicultures Roadshow: The Critical Bicycling Studies Tour de California

Call for Participants

April 16-17, 2013 in Davis, California

What is it?
The Bicicultures Roadshow will be a time for activists and researchers to talk, ride, eat, and play as we discuss and experience bicycling cultures. At this two-day conference, we will grapple with the shifting role of bicycle research and activism as it crosses lines between policy, recreation, and radical organizing. The event will take place in Davis, a Platinum Bicycle Friendly Community, home of the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame, and site of the first bike lanes in the U.S. This event is made possible through support from the University of California Transportation Center.

Why Bicicultures?
“Bicicultures” refers to the multiple social worlds of bicycling that co-exist, but may not overlap, in shared spaces. Rather than taking bicycling as a unitary object of analysis, we seek to investigate the construction of diverse meanings around the practice of cycling across time and space.

What will happen at the event?
Rather than following a traditional conference format of breakout sessions and individual papers, this event will emphasize ongoing discussion among all participants. Events may include keynote speakers, roundtable discussions, interactive panel presentations, workshops, field trips, and bicycle rides. We anticipate vibrant discussions about how diverse communities are using and thinking about bicycling as a tool to maintain and reinvent their worlds. Specific topics and formats will be formulated based on participant interest. We anticipate conversations around topics such as race, gender, class, ability, gentrification, activism, public space, embodiment, technology, design, recreation and sport, sustainability, mobilities, and more.
Continue reading ‘Bicicultures Roadshow Call for Participants’

Tire-Side Chat: The Pursuit of Raw Speed


Tire-Side Chat Series

The U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame Presents:

George Leone

Speedbike Designer and Builder

The Pursuit of Raw Speed


George Leone isn’t an engineer; he’s a history major who loves to build and became fascinated by human powered vehicles (HPVs) in the 1970s and continues that passion today. From initial work with fiberglass in 1980 with the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo HPV Team, George and collaborators progressed to advanced composites like Kevlar and carbon fiber. Hooked on their possibilities he and two UC Davis engineering students began designing a new HPV and over a couple years, built the first all-composites HPV (frame and fairing) mostly by trial and error. Since that time he has become the “composites guru” at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and has helped the HPV teams and others build over 25 fully faired HPVs plus five of his own, the most recent being the speedbike “Primal 2″, which has reached a speed of 70.4 mph so far….

 Sunday Feb 10, 2-3 PM, Free for DBC and HOF members, $5 donation suggested.

For More Information Contact: 303 3rd St, Davis CA 95616 530-341-FAME (3263)

Can Davis make Diamond??

Community Plans Reception for League of American Bicyclists

Davis has been presented a new challenge.  A bicycle challenge, that is, designed by the League of American Bicyclists that entails getting Davis from the platinum-level Bicycle Friendly Community status to that of the “diamond”, a new level of designation created for the League’s Bicycle Friendly Community program.

Staff from the League of American Bicyclists will be visiting Davis next week to meet with city staff, elected officials, bicycle advocacy groups, UC Davis, the business community, and the public.  Their mission to Davis is to review our draft Beyond Platinum – Bicycle Action Plan and to understand our community’s aspiration to improve cycling for Davis’ residents, students, and visitors. Continue reading ‘Can Davis make Diamond??’

A UC student pedestrian dies after being hit by automobile driver, the third death in 7 weeks.

Renne Lyra Morrow, 19, died after being hit by a person driving car at the intersection of Arlington and Shasta. This terrible news especially since two other students have been killed in the last several weeks in the same manner. This should be a clear signal to the city that something is wrong. Davis is touted as a bikeable and walkable community. If so, we should tolerate absolutely zero deaths due to automobile drivers running over our pedestrians and bicyclists. I am extremely saddened and I feel more unsafe with each new news story. As I was biking home on Tuesday, happy that my latest dissertation chapter was done, I was also almost killed by an auto driver who decided to go in reverse down C street without looking behind her. She realized her error as her SUV collided into me and my bicycle. Luckily I was to the side of the vehicle and avoided being completely run over by the wheels. Pedestrians and bicyclists should not have to fear being run over by auto drivers, especially in this town. Let’s start making some serious change to our policies so that we have zero deaths and injuries resulting from auto drivers running over people.

Links to stories about Renne:

An Aggie interview with the new bike/ped coordinator

Check out the Aggie interview with Dave “DK” Kemp:

U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame Launches Inaugural Legends Gran Fondo

Media Contact:
Joe Herget
jherget@usbhof.orgFor Immediate Release:
U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame Launches Inaugural Legends Gran FondoInductees Greg LeMond, Ruthie Matthes, Nelson Vails and other legends
to join cycling enthusiasts on May 6, 2012

Davis, CA February 6, 2012:  The United States Bicycling Hall of Fame today announced the launch of the first ever Legends Gran Fondo, which will take place in Davis, CA on May 6, 2012.  This new event will provide a unique opportunity for cycling enthusiasts to ride alongside America’s cycling legends within a fully-supported Gran Fondo setting.   Participants will enjoy a fast and rolling 90 mile Gran Fondo or a 63 mile Medio Fondo.  Both courses will spin through Northern California’s picturesque Yolo and Solano counties.Many Hall of Fame Inductees and other cycling legends will participate in the event.  Chief among them will be two-time World Champion and three-time Tour de France winner Greg LeMond (1996 Inductee), World Champion and Olympian Ruthie Matthes (2011 Inductee), and Olympic Silver Medalist Nelson Vails (2009 Inductee).  Other recent additions to the roster of inductees riding include Jacquie Phelan, George MountWayne StetinaJohn HowardJeanne Golay, and Stu Thomsen.  These legendary riders and others like them will ride wheel to wheel with avid cyclists in support of the only national Hall of Fame that recognizes all disciplines within the sport of cycling.“This new Gran Fondo event headlines our efforts to connect American cycling’s history with its present,” said Joe Herget, Executive Director of the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame.  “The bringing together of America’s greatest cycling legends and avid riders creates a fantastic atmosphere to promote the growth of cycling at both competitive and recreational levels.”

The Legends Gran Fondo will start and finish in Davis, CA, home of the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame.  Fuji Bicycles heads up the growing list of event sponsors, as Presenting Sponsor.  Supporting Sponsors include Bicycling Magazine, LeMond Fitness, Sutter Health, Primal Cycling Apparel, BazuSports and Jelly Belly Sport Beans.  This exclusive event will be limited to 1,000 lucky cyclists, who will also have the opportunity to win a newly unveiled Fuji Gran Fondo carbon road bike.

Complete details on the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame Legends Gran Fondo presented by Fuji, can be found at
To download a PDF of this release, click here:  USBHOF Gran Fondo Press Release.

“The Bar Mitzvah and the Beast” Book Launch

Davis resident, Matt Biers-Ariel, will be launching his new book, The Bar Mitzvah and The Beast: One Family’s Cross-Country Ride of Passage by Bike, at the United States Bicycling Hall of Fame in Davis on April 21st at 4:00 pm. If you haven’t heard of the book, check out the publisher’s description:

Amateur bike rider, father of three, and everyday public school teacher Matt Biers-Ariel never dreamed of riding a bike across the United States. But then his hard-to-impress teenage son, Yonah, refused to have a Bar Mitzvah as he approached age thirteen. No dancing with grandma or chanting traditional prayers? Something had to be done to celebrate this rite of passage. Continue reading ‘“The Bar Mitzvah and the Beast” Book Launch’

Dave “DK” Kemp selected as Davis’s new bike-ped coordinator

The Coloradoan. Dave 'DK' Kemp, Fort Collins Bicycle Coordinator


City of Davis Hires New Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator

January 10, 2012

For More Information: Call (530) 757-5610

Following a nationwide search, the City of Davis welcomes Dave “DK” Kemp, as the new Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator. DK is set to begin his new duties on February 6, 2012.

DK spent the last six years developing a comprehensive bicycle program for the City of Fort Collins, Colorado. Under DK’s leadership, the Fort Collins community rose from a silver level designation to a gold level Bicycle Friendly Community and is now poised to attain the platinum level status within the coming year.

DK employs a comprehensive approach to bicycle and pedestrian planning, emphasizing a range of techniques to foster the growth of biking and walking for recreation as well as the foundation of a sustainable transportation system. In addition to the development of the traditional 5 E’s (Encouragement, Education, Enforcement, Engineering, and Evaluation), Economy & Community are parts of his strategic approach. Continue reading ‘Dave “DK” Kemp selected as Davis’s new bike-ped coordinator’

Question: Is It Legal For Delivery Trucks To Block Bicycle Lanes?

This morning on my way to school a UPS truck was blocking the southbound L st bicycle lane while delivering packages to Screaming Squeegee. I found it particularly unsafe practice for the bicyclists’ sake. It forces one into a typically 45 mph roadway (or onto the sidewalk). I stopped and told the driver that I thought it made it unsafe for me and other bicyclists and asked him to park elsewhere. He blew me off saying that he had no other options.
I then saw some police officers in Central park and asked them about the law. They said that delivery trucks are exempt from parking laws when delivering a package, including parking in a bicycle lane. They said that their lobby groups are strong and get the exemptions passed.
I haven’t found any answers with Google yet. Does anyone know what the law is? And if not, where do I look for the law?

An example of a delivery truck in the bicycle lane.